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Industrial Lawn mowers

Professional Three Wheel Mower

  • 6hp petrol motors
  • 535mm 22’’ wide rotary blade cutting action with swing back blade technology reducing blade wear & increase machine life.
  • Large Heavy duty steel wheels with roller bearings smooth out the roughest terrain
  • Anti vibration engine mounting protects frame from cracking

The original rough cutter. Ideal for clearing fire breaks, paths, fences, general cutting in long grass where ordinary mowers won’t last.


Professional Super Coaster

  • 6hp petrol motors
  • 630mm 25’’ wide rotary blade cutting action with swing back blade technology reduces blade wear & increases machine life.
  • Large heavy duty steel wheels with roller bearings
  • V-Belt drive increase torque and protects motor
  • Single unit cutter assembly for low & easy maintenance

For large areas that require a good finish.

Professional Super Coaster

Kudu 750

  • 13hp Petrol or Diesel motors available
  • 750mm 30’’ rotary blade cutting action with swing back blade technology reduces blade wear & increases machine life.
  • Mulching kit available
  •  2 speed self propelled, can cut half hectare in +/- 2 hours
  • Optional “Ride on” Trailing seat

South African built heavy duty self driven mower. Ideal for municipalities to plot owners, from contractors to schools the kudu is a must have to tackle South Africa’s unique tough mowing environment.


Lawn Bug 750 Ride On

  • 13hp petrol motors
  • 750mm 30’’ rotary blade cutting action
  • 6 speed forward and a reverse gear
  • Optional grass catcher bag

The Lawn Bug is South Africa’s only locally manufactured conventional ride on mower. Durable and tough for demanding cutting and the grass collection option will maintain even the most discerning owner’s lawn.


MTD Ride On

  • 13hp up to 18hp petrol motors available
  • 950mm 38’’ up to 1005mm 42’’ dual rotary blade cutting action
  • 7 speed forward gear box shift on the go with reverse
  • Optional grass collector


The most popular ride on mower sold throughout South Africa. Quiet, Comfortable with a simple operation.


Hustler Zero Turn Ride On’s

  • 15hp up to 24hp petrol motors
  • 910mm 36’’ up to 1500mm 60’’ dual or tri rotary blade cutting action.
  • Dual Hydro drive up to 12km hour
  • Grass collector or mulching option available

Zero turn ride on mowers are unique as they allow for quick easy comfortable mowing forward, backward, left or right.


Protea Heavy Duty Cylinder

  • 5hp up to 13hp petrol motors
  • 610mm 24’’ up to 914mm 36’’ cylinder rolling blade cutting action
  • Independent drive for cutter and self propelling more durable and easy to transport
  • Complete with grass catcher

The Protea cylinders are the ultimate in grass cutting machines. Guaranteed neighbourhood bragging rights.


Protea Scarifier

  • 5hp up to 13hp petrol motors
  • 470mm 19’’ up to 914mm 36’’ Wide options
  • Choose between Scarifier pins or verticut or grooming reels
  • Grass collecting abilities available

Every lawn eventually needs dethatching and scarifying to keep it in excellent condition. Proteas wide range of scarifies provide the solution from golf courses to households.


Protea Sod Cutter

  • 8hp petrol motor
  • 450mm 18’’ wide blade
  • Separate self propelling and blade drive for easy maneuvering and longer transmission life
  • Heavy duty rubberised drive roller with large knobs for grip

Instant lawn instantly with Protea sod cutters.

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