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Chain Saws & Hedge Trimmers

Stihl Electric Saw

  • MSE170C-BQ ; MSE190C-BQ ; MS210C-BQ ; MSE220C-BQ ; MSE230C-BQ
  • 1700watt up to 2300watt
  • 30cm 12’’ cutter bars up to 40cm 16’’
  • Overload Protection
  • Three point safety stop blade for user safety
  • Tool free maintenance


Stihl electric saws don’t compromise or cut corners to save a buck, Stihl won’t overlook the details just because they aren’t obvious. Stihl saws are built the way you want them rugged and dependable with operator safety and comfort as priority with more resistance to wear.


Stihl Petrol Saw Entry Level

  • MS 170 ; MS 180 ; MS 250
  • 23cc petrol motors up to 45cc
  • 30cm 12’’ cutter bars up to 40cm 16’’


Ideal equipment for around the house pruning or cutting firewood. Domestic equipment built with industrial heart.


Stihl Petrol saw mid range

  • MS 260 ; MS 290 ; MS 310 ; MS 361
  • 50cc petrol motors up to 60cc
  • 32cm 13’’ cutter bars up to 50cm 20’’

A.K.A Farmer BOSS, Stihl mid range saws are suitable for use in small timber forests, for plot owners with every day cutting applications and for contractors. Professional feature enriched saws make cutting firewood or felling a tree quick, safe and easy.


Stihl Professional saws

  • MS 381 ; MS 441 ; MS 660
  • 72cc petrol motors up to 92cc
  • 32cm 13’’ cutter bars up to 75cm 30’’
  • Heavy duty aluminum construction
  • Ergonomic features for prolonged operation comfort

For large timber forestry, professional tree felling contractors, heavy duty cutting environment. Stihl professional saws is where it all began in 1929 over 80 years of market leading technology and reliability with unrivalled back up and customer support.


Stihl Specialists saws

  • If power is what you require  for huge timber MS 720 , MS 880
  • Stihl rescue saw with chain guard design for rescue personnel to cut open a number of materials MS 461R
  • Stihl concrete cutting saw gives contractors the ability to cut out an exact square in concrete walls GS 461

Stihl offers a wide range of specialist saws aimed at specific applications in modern day working environments.


Stihl Arborist saws

  • MS 150TC-E ; MS 192T ; MS 201T
  • 23cc petrol motors up to 35cc
  • 30cm 12’’ cutter bar up to 40cm 16’’
  • Top handle design for  unique specialist cutting angle’s practiced by trained tree arborists
  • Built in lanyard hook safely anchoring the saw if it falls

Specialist tree arborist saws for the professionals


Stihl Pole Pruners

  • HTE 60 ; HT 75 ; HT 100 ; HT 101 ; HT 131
  • Electric 1450watt motors up to 30cc  petrol available
  • Extended pole cutting from 1m up to 4m reach
  • 30cm cutter bar length

Stihl pole pruners make light work of that palm tree or over grown drive ways.


Stihl electric Hedge Cutter

  • HSE 42 ; HSE 52 ; HSE 61 ; HSE 71 ; HSE 81
  • 420watt electric motors up to 650watt
  • 450mm cutter bar length up to 700mm
  • Unique Stihl designed access panel to easily clean and maintain motor brushes and bearings
  • Specially designed switch system to provide operator with extra reach

Stihl electric hedge trimmers will tidy up small young growth to old knarled hedges and trees.


Stihl Petrol Hedge Cutters

  • HS 45 ; HS 81 ; HS 86
  • 27cc petrol motors
  • 450mm cutter bar length up to 750mm
  • Varied specific designs on gearbox and cutters for the cleanest cut and optimum comfort with time saving features

From the well manicured gardens of home owners to tea plantation maintenance staff, Stihl hedge trimmers have the edge

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